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Welcome to Greenline Industries Ltd!

      We are home products manufacturers of linen textiles, home furniture/flooring and BBQ charcoal from China.

      At the beginning, we were linen textiles manufacturer. As our continuously developing and success in the linen, hemp ramie textiles field, we have invested and entered into home furniture and BBQ charcoal (sawdust charcoal) making lines.

      Now, we are supplying our clients linen yarns and linen fabric, 100% linen beddings; furniture in solid oak, ash, pine and other solid wood; sawdust charcoal with the sawdust from the wood/furniture processing.

      We are continuously supplying the products in fine quality, reasonable prices and delivery on time, as usual, service our clients.


Greenline Story

      We dedicate to make and supply natural materials products since 1994 for home products. We insist on our products are eco-friendly, recyclable; offering excellent products and services at competitive prices to our clients. This is Greenline.



    1703, Unit 1, 43 Jinliu Lu, Dalian, Liaoning, China 116021

    tel: +86-411-8436 1300      fax: +86-411-6228 3799

    general information: info@greenline.cn    greenline@tom.com

    textiles: textiles@greenline.cn    

    furniture / wood : wood@greenline.cn   

    charcoal: charcoal@greenline.cn

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